1st Quarter Play-by-Play

  St. Francis IL vs. Concordia University
  Date: Sep 21, 2019 • Site: Ann Arbor, MI

1st Quarter Play-by-Play
St. Francis won the toss and chose to receive
Usf 1-10on Usf35CUAA ball on CUAA35.
W. Mast kickoff 60 yards to the USF5, Brandon Ruffin return 16 yards to the USF21 (2D;M. Osborne).
Usf 1-10on Usf21Dwayne Milton rush for no gain to the USF21 (M. Wilson).
Usf 2-10on Usf21Major Dedmond rush for 1 yard to the USF22 (A. Payne).
Usf 3-9on Usf22Jamal Salaam pass incomplete to Brandon Ruffin, PENALTY USF false start off-setting, PENALTY CUAA pass interference off-setting, NO PLAY.
Usf 3-9on Usf22Major Dedmond pass incomplete to Brandon Ruffin, QB hurry by A. Hinojosa.
Usf 4-9on Usf22Justin Bruns punt 31 yards to the CUAA47, B. Beerer return 4 yards to the USF49 (Kody Randa).
 Drive: 3 plays, 1 yard, TOP 1:47
Cuaa 1-10on Usf49CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY drive start at 13:13.
Cuaa 1-10on Usf49K. Jackson rush for 24 yards to the USF25, 1ST DOWN CUAA (R. Williams).
Cuaa 1-10on Usf25K. Jackson rush for 4 yards to the USF21 (Jake Pott;Kody Randa).
Cuaa 2-6on Usf21P. Morrison pass complete to C. Coltson for 19 yards to the USF2, 1ST DOWN CUAA (R. Williams).
Cuaa 1-Gon Usf02K. Jackson rush for 2 yards to the USF0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 12:04.
W. Mast kick attempt good.
Concordia University 7, St. Francis IL 0
 Drive: 4 plays, 49 yards, TOP 1:16
W. Mast kickoff 59 yards to the USF6, Justin Bruns return 18 yards to the USF24 (2D;B. Desantis).
Usf 1-10on Usf24ST. FRANCIS IL drive start at 11:57.
Usf 1-10on Usf24PENALTY USF false start 5 yards to the USF19.
Usf 1-15on Usf19Dwayne Milton rush for 4 yards to the USF23 (R. Thompson).
Usf 2-11on Usf23Major Dedmond rush for 7 yards to the USF30 (A. Hinojosa).
Usf 3-4on Usf30Major Dedmond rush for loss of 3 yards to the USF27 (H. Maynard;A. Foerster).
Usf 4-7on Usf27Tyler Keene punt 40 yards to the CUAA33, B. Beerer return 39 yards to the USF28 (Jacob Pullen;Jonathan Pullen), PENALTY CUAA holding 10 yards to the USF38, 1st and 10, CUAA ball on USF38.
 Drive: 3 plays, 3 yards, TOP 2:06
Cuaa 1-10on Usf38CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY drive start at 09:51.
Cuaa 1-10on Usf38O. Sinclair rush for 5 yards to the USF33 (Blake Evans).
Cuaa 2-5on Usf33P. Morrison pass complete to O. Sinclair for 4 yards to the USF29 (R. Williams;Jonathan Pullen).
Cuaa 3-1on Usf29O. Sinclair rush for loss of 2 yards to the USF31, fumble forced by Mike Gruben, fumble by O. Sinclair recovered by CUAA C. Kwasniewski at USF41 (Kody Randa).
Cuaa 4-13on Usf41K. Webb punt 39 yards to the USF2, downed.
 Drive: 3 plays, minus 3 yards, TOP 1:29
Usf 1-10on Usf02ST. FRANCIS IL drive start at 08:22.
Usf 1-10on Usf02Dwayne Milton rush for 1 yard to the USF3 (A. Hinojosa;J. Kennedy).
Usf 2-9on Usf03Dwayne Milton rush for 4 yards to the USF7 (R. Thompson;R. Fish).
Usf 3-5on Usf07Major Dedmond rush for 15 yards to the USF22 (R. Thompson), PENALTY USF holding 5 yards to the USF2, NO PLAY.
Usf 3-10on Usf02Dwayne Milton rush for 11 yards to the USF13, 1ST DOWN USF (H. Maynard;P. Ayoola).
Usf 1-10on Usf13Major Dedmond pass incomplete to Daniel Goetsch.
Usf 2-10on Usf13Major Dedmond rush for 8 yards to the USF21 (P. Ayoola).
Usf 3-2on Usf21Dwayne Milton rush for 3 yards to the USF24, 1ST DOWN USF (T. Freeman;S. Thompson).
Usf 1-10on Usf24Dwayne Milton rush for 2 yards to the USF26 (H. Maynard).
Usf 2-8on Usf26Major Dedmond rush for 4 yards to the USF30 (H. Maynard;P. Ayoola), PENALTY USF illegal block (Daniel Goetsch) 6 yards to the USF20, NO PLAY.
Usf 2-14on Usf20Major Dedmond rush for no gain to the USF20 (T. Freeman;C. O'Gara).
Usf 3-14on Usf20Major Dedmond rush for 46 yards to the CUAA34, 1ST DOWN USF (T. Williams;P. Ayoola).
Usf 1-10on Cuaa34Jamal Salaam pass complete to Justin Bruns for 12 yards to the CUAA22, 1ST DOWN USF (M. Wilson).
Usf 1-10on Cuaa22Michael Johnson rush for 4 yards to the CUAA18 (T. Freeman).
Usf 2-6on Cuaa18Michael Johnson rush for 4 yards to the CUAA14 (P. Ayoola).
Usf 3-2on Cuaa14Michael Johnson rush for 1 yard to the CUAA13 (A. Hinojosa;R. Thompson).
Usf 4-1on Cuaa13C. Ernest rush for 2 yards to the CUAA11, 1ST DOWN USF (R. Thompson;R. Fish).
Usf 1-10on Cuaa11Major Dedmond pass intercepted by A. Payne at the CUAA0, A. Payne return 7 yards to the CUAA7 (Mahlek Roberts).
 Drive: 15 plays, 87 yards, TOP 8:18
Cuaa 1-10on Cuaa07CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY drive start at 00:04.
Cuaa 1-10on Cuaa07K. Jackson rush for loss of 2 yards to the CUAA5 (Luke Mander;Logan Johnson).